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November 19, 2007

Tom Glavine Is Coming Home

by @ 8:49 am. Filed under 2008 Braves

The Braves shored up their rotation yesterday by signing Tom Glavine to a one year, $8 million deal that will probably mean the former Brave will retire a Brave.  Glavine turned down his $13 million option with the Mets and he’ll now be much closer to home and more importantly, in a Braves uniform.

Glavine’s role will be a little different though.  No longer the ace, he’ll be in the middle of the rotation and reunited with John Smoltz along with Tim Hudson and Chuck James.  I like the way the rotation is shaping up and even with the departure of Andruw Jones, you still have four very solid sticks in Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, Jeff Francoeur and Mark Teixeira.  In fact at this stage of things, I’d have to say the Braves are the favorites to win the division.

3 Responses to “Tom Glavine Is Coming Home”

  1. Ethan Michaels Says:

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  2. jadarm Says:

    Favorites? I am not so sure. I remember Frank Wren well enough to know that he doesnt sit on his hands during the off season. He is not scared to pull the switch when it comes to making a deal. However, as we stand now? First of all, two of our top three pitchers are over 40 years old, now granted, they are Tommy and John (I hope I didnt jinx someone there) …John pitched great, as usual, last year but he is still aging and he has had more surgery than a guinea pig in a genome project. Tommy had the ERA and the quality starts last season (excluding the last 3 games of the season)….but at some point we are going to get diminishing returns on both pitchers due to age. Our #1 or #2 guy is the on again off again Tim Hudson…potentially awesome…and also potentially average, who knows? Then there is Mike Hamstring, I mean Hampton, …I love the guy but he is a bit brittle and, with a moderate payroll standing somewhere between 85 and 92 million dollars its hard to swallow 15MM+ this season for someone that you cannot count on. I think its quite a gamble at this point to say that we are the favorites. Especially with the Phillies coming on strong and the Mets with their deep pockets.

    Now, ((if)) we get solid seasons from Glavine, Smoltz, and Huddy then, while we may not be the favorites, we certainly should be able to compete with anyone. Wren should keep it interesting at least.

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