Baseball is known as one of America’s oldest traditions, but in recent years the interest of fans is declining and its effect is felt on successful teams like the Atlanta Braves. There are many reasons why fans aren’t showing up for games anymore, and many of these issues are related to money. Families just can’t afford to go out and spend the money that it takes to get the seats, pay for expensive concessions, and pay for parking. The cost of living is increasing every year, and as such the grassroots fan base of baseball is having a hard time keeping up. You also have to consider the fact that most people have switched from even owning cable, so they don’t even watch the games on their televisions anymore. It isn’t a matter of not being interested in the sport, it’s more an issue of the affordability.

The Atlanta Braves are one of the most popular clubs in the sport of Baseball, and as such have received a large fan base. In fact, the Braves built a brand new stadium a few years ago to elevate the experiences of their fans. So the question is, if baseball is in trouble why are the Braves investing so much money in their future? Every industry has ebbs and flows and baseball is in one of those situations. With the rise of interest in sports like Soccer, baseball has definitely felt a decline in popularity. However, this doesn’t mean that the Braves are not going to experience a growth of interest in the coming years. This is one other reason that the project for the new stadium was accepted and this major league team was transferred to a new location.

The Braves’ new stadium is a testament to the staying power of this team in the industry, whether there is a decline in overall popularity or not. In fact, financially the braves are not in a recession regardless of the rest of Baseball, and it isn’t expected that they will feel any ill effects anytime soon. Liberty Media, owner of the braves, has actually started to take steps towards providing stock options for those interested in having a stake in the team. Through this process the Braves will become even more of an enterprise through this public trading. This is the future of the league, and only a few other teams actually have public shares available.

The notion of seeing the Braves as a publicly shared company opens up so many possibilities for the Braves to thrive financially. This motivation would diversify player trading efforts to make the team as successful as possible. Turning the Braves into a new entity is an exciting opportunity for this team as well as the sport of baseball. For other teams to survive this declining popularity they will have to adapt to fit their fan bases, a fete which not so many may excel in. This is an exciting time for baseball, and everyone is waiting to see how far the Braves go with all of their new business plans.

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