The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team. The team is one of the oldest organizations in all of professional baseball. They played in the league called Major League Baseball.

The Braves began play in 1871. The organization was not always known as the Braves though. They were also not always in Atlanta.

The team began to play in Boston, Massachusetts. The squad played by the name of the Boston Red Stockings. They played with that title from 1871 until 1876. The team then changed its name when it entered the National League. When they joined the National League in 1876, the team began playing under the title of the Boston Red Caps. The team has undergone a series of names changes over the years. All of the name changes include the Red Stockings, Red Caps, Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers, Brave and Bees.

The team spent nearly 80 years playing in Boston before moving on to Milwaukee. They played in Milwaukee for 13 years before moving to Atlanta. The team has been playing in Atlanta since 1966 and has been known as the Atlanta Braves ever since.

Early on the team found a lot of success. In their second year, they won the league that they were playing in which was known as the National Association. They won that league 4 years in a row before joining the National League.

Although the team has moved around a lot and changed names, they have always been a successful franchise. They started off by immediately finding success by winning the National League Pennant. The team won two pennants in the 1870s and has been winning them ever since. They have won the National League Pennant 17 times in their history. Many of those pennants came in the 1800s and the majority took place while they were in Boston. After moving to Milwaukee they did win the pennant a few times, but their stay in Milwaukee was relatively short.

The team has won major World Series Titles over the course of the franchise. They won in 1914, 1957 and 1995. In looking at those years, you can see that the team has managed to win the World Series in every city that they have played in.

Many people look at the Braves today and see a team that they think has been successful for ages. It is true that the team has been a perennial contender since the 1990s. However, it was a long road for the Braves to travel to become such a solid contender after moving to Atlanta. The team went on a streak of more than 30 years without winning a pennant. Things turned around for the Braves in 1991.

The team turned things around in the 1990s by way of pitching. The team was led by a handful of top level pitchers in that decade. The most famous were Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine. These pitchers were known for their ability to control the game and managed to give the Braves a rotation that would be dangerous to face.

The Braves have maintained that focus on pitching over the years and always seem to have a formidable rotation.

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