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January 20, 2011

Braves top 10 prospects

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With a huge trade followed by a contract extension for all star 2B Dan Uggla , not a whole lot of news with the Braves. As a reporter with in this division(Covered the New York Mets in 09-10) , let me tell you what a great acquisition this was for the Braves. Uggla is an elite bat at 2B, you can write him in for 30 homers and 90 rbi while he is not Roberto Alomar in the field he is not Steve Sax either; He brings his glove to work and is 26 years old. Uggla  is the ONLY 2B in ML history to hit 30 home runs in 4 straight seasons,  THINK ABOUT THAT!  Another stat: Over the past 5 seasons only 1 right handed batter in the NL has more home runs than Uggla: St. Louis Cardinals superstar 1B Albert Pujols, considered by many to be the best player in all of baseball. Tremendous talent, tremendous trade!

2011 Atlanta Braves Top 10 Prospects, according to the January 10-23 issue of Baseball America

1- Julio Teheran, RHP

2- Freddie Freeman, 1B

3- Randall Delgado, RHP

4- Mike Minor, LHP

5- Craig Kimbrel, RHP

6- Matt Lipka, SS

7- Arodys Vizciano, RHP

8- Brandon Beachy, RHP

9- Brett Oberholtzer, LHP

10- J. J. Hoover, RHP

January 5, 2011

Braves Sign Dan Uggla to Five Year Deal

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The Braves didn’t waste a lot of timing locking Dan Uggla up to a multi-year deal after they traded for him back in November.  In all, Uggla will make $62 million through out the deal and while that total seems like a lot of money, it’s not bad considering this guy has hit at least 30 home runs the past three seasons.  He strikes out, but he also draws his share of walks and have Uggla in the middle of the lineup will be a boon to guys like Brian McCann and Jason Heyward.

So the Braves have second base covered for the next several years.  Kelly Johnson was the regular there for a while and while it was nice to see him bounce back with the Diamondbacks, it’s even better to see a guy with 30+ home run power manning second base.  The Phillies are going to be tough, but the Braves are putting some pieces in place to compete with them along the way.

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