A look At Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team. The team is one of the oldest organizations in all of professional baseball. They played in the league called Major League Baseball.

The Braves began play in 1871. The organization was not always known as the Braves though. They were also not always in Atlanta.

The team began to play in Boston, Massachusetts. The squad played by the name of the Boston Red Stockings. They played with that title from 1871 until 1876. The team then changed its name when it entered the National League. When they joined the National League in 1876, the team began playing under the title of the Boston Red Caps. The team has undergone a series of names changes over the years. All of the name changes include the Red Stockings, Red Caps, Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers, Brave and Bees.

The team spent nearly 80 years playing in Boston before moving on to Milwaukee. They played in Milwaukee for 13 years before moving to Atlanta. The team has been playing in Atlanta since 1966 and has been known as the Atlanta Braves ever since.

Early on the team found a lot of success. In their second year, they won the league that they were playing in which was known as the National Association. They won that league 4 years in a row before joining the National League.

Although the team has moved around a lot and changed names, they have always been a successful franchise. They started off by immediately finding success by winning the National League Pennant. The team won two pennants in the 1870s and has been winning them ever since. They have won the National League Pennant 17 times in their history. Many of those pennants came in the 1800s and the majority took place while they were in Boston. After moving to Milwaukee they did win the pennant a few times, but their stay in Milwaukee was relatively short.

The team has won major World Series Titles over the course of the franchise. They won in 1914, 1957 and 1995. In looking at those years, you can see that the team has managed to win the World Series in every city that they have played in.

Many people look at the Braves today and see a team that they think has been successful for ages. It is true that the team has been a perennial contender since the 1990s. However, it was a long road for the Braves to travel to become such a solid contender after moving to Atlanta. The team went on a streak of more than 30 years without winning a pennant. Things turned around for the Braves in 1991.

The team turned things around in the 1990s by way of pitching. The team was led by a handful of top level pitchers in that decade. The most famous were Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine. These pitchers were known for their ability to control the game and managed to give the Braves a rotation that would be dangerous to face.

The Braves have maintained that focus on pitching over the years and always seem to have a formidable rotation.

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Braves’ Mascot Controversy

The Atlanta Braves is one of the oldest operating professional sports franchises in America. They have an astonishing history that includes great teams and great ballplayers, and the National Braves are one of America’s most successful baseball stories.
But it hasn’t all been plain sailing. The National Braves were embroiled in a mascot controversy that bought first outrage, then debate, to the whole country.
All baseball teams have mascots – they are the person or the ‘thing’ that supposedly bring good luck to the team. The mascot travels everywhere with the team, is photographed with the team and always sits close to the sidelines to watch.
The Atlanta Braves have had various mascots but from 1955 their mascot was Chief Noc -a -Homa. The name was used for the ‘screaming Indian’ sleeve patch that was worn on the Brave’s jersey.
It was the portrayal of Chief Noc-a-Homa that bought mascot controversy to the team, in fact, to America.
Levi Walker was the man who would dress up as the Chief Noc-a-Homa and during games he would hang out in a teepee in the bleacher seats. Each time the Atlanta Brave’s hit a home run, the mascot would leave the teepee and do a dance. He was dressed as a Chief, an Indian, including the full face paint.
Not much thought had been put into this by the Braves.The mascot was basically offensive to American Indians; also to anyone with any moral or ethical standards.
The National Council of American Indians took up the cause. As far back as 1968 they maintained a strong position against stereotyping Native people in a harmful manner. Stereotyping is an odd thing and often people are not aware they are even doing it. By making Chief Noc-a-Homa a dancing cheering Indian, cheering on a team that had few if any Native American Indians in it, was harmful and negative for self esteem and self image.
The mascot controversy brought awareness to a cause that many were oblivious too. Rather than honouring the native American Indian, the caricature of the mascot created bias and stereotype. The caricatures, or mascots, had a blatant disregard for the American Indian and rather than respect and treat as equals, the mascots dehumanised them.
In 2013 things reached a crescendo when the Braves went even further and fans performed a cheer that was known as The Tomahawk Chop. It was culturally insenstive, caused even more mascot controversy and huge debate with the National Council of American Indians who advocate for and protect civil rights, social justice and racial equality for all.
Progress has definitely been made since this mascot controversy and tons of awareness has been brought to the issue. The era of damaging and harmful Indian mascots has been ended. All baseball teams still have mascots but a lot of thought goes into them.
Today the Atlanta Braves have ‘Homer The Brave’ as their mascot. A much wiser choice.


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Baseball’s decreasing popularity, and its effect on the Braves

Baseball is known as one of America’s oldest traditions, but in recent years the interest of fans is declining and its effect is felt on successful teams like the Atlanta Braves. There are many reasons why fans aren’t showing up for games anymore, and many of these issues are related to money. Families just can’t afford to go out and spend the money that it takes to get the seats, pay for expensive concessions, and pay for parking. The cost of living is increasing every year, and as such the grassroots fan base of baseball is having a hard time keeping up. You also have to consider the fact that most people have switched from even owning cable, so they don’t even watch the games on their televisions anymore. It isn’t a matter of not being interested in the sport, it’s more an issue of the affordability.

The Atlanta Braves are one of the most popular clubs in the sport of Baseball, and as such have received a large fan base. In fact, the Braves built a brand new stadium a few years ago to elevate the experiences of their fans. So the question is, if baseball is in trouble why are the Braves investing so much money in their future? Every industry has ebbs and flows and baseball is in one of those situations. With the rise of interest in sports like Soccer, baseball has definitely felt a decline in popularity. However, this doesn’t mean that the Braves are not going to experience a growth of interest in the coming years. This is one other reason that the project for the new stadium was accepted and this major league team was transferred to a new location.

The Braves’ new stadium is a testament to the staying power of this team in the industry, whether there is a decline in overall popularity or not. In fact, financially the braves are not in a recession regardless of the rest of Baseball, and it isn’t expected that they will feel any ill effects anytime soon. Liberty Media, owner of the braves, has actually started to take steps towards providing stock options for those interested in having a stake in the team. Through this process the Braves will become even more of an enterprise through this public trading. This is the future of the league, and only a few other teams actually have public shares available.

The notion of seeing the Braves as a publicly shared company opens up so many possibilities for the Braves to thrive financially. This motivation would diversify player trading efforts to make the team as successful as possible. Turning the Braves into a new entity is an exciting opportunity for this team as well as the sport of baseball. For other teams to survive this declining popularity they will have to adapt to fit their fan bases, a fete which not so many may excel in. This is an exciting time for baseball, and everyone is waiting to see how far the Braves go with all of their new business plans.

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Current Braves Team Members

The Atlanta Braves happens to be a US professional baseball team, which has its home base in Atlanta Georgia. This team competes in the major league baseball (MLB), and is also a noted member of the national league, Eastern Division. From 1997, the Atlanta Braves have played all of their home games at Turner Field. While playing their spring games at Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Next year, the Atlanta Braves is scheduled to move to the Sun Trust Park, a brand new stadium, located in the Cumberland area of Cobb County. This complex is strategically situated just north of the I-285 bypass. The term ‘Braves’ is a reference to a native American Indian warrior. This baseball team is also labeled the ‘American team.’ This is due to its games been aired by the TV station TBS from the ’70s to 2007, which has over the years enabled it to attract a wide variety of fans from all over the country.

Atlanta Braves golden era (1991 – 2005)

From the year 1991 up to 2005, the Atlanta Braves were highly acclaimed for been in the list of some of the most successful teams in the MLB. During this ‘golden’ era, this professional baseball team went on to bag an unprecedented 14 consecutive divisional titles. It also managed to advance to the ‘World Series’ on 5 different occasions during this period of time, and ultimately bagged the title in 1995. Overall, since their debut in 1876, the Atlanta Braves have bagged 16 divisional titles, 17 national league pennants and 3 World Series championships. The latter titles were won in 1914, 1957 and like was previously noted in 1995.

Current Atlanta Braves team roster (2016 season)

Here is a complete breakdown of the current Braves team members in the 2016 season.

Active roster


Aaron Blair (36), Joel de la Cruz (60), Mike Foltynewiez (26), John Grant (52), Julio Teheran (49) and Matt Wisler (37).


Jed Bradley (72), Mauricio Cabrera (62), Ian Krol (16), Jose Ramirez (40), Chaz Roe (50), Shaw Simmons ( 68), Ryan Weber (48), and Chris Withrow (51).


Tyler Flowers (25), A.j Pietzyski (15) and Anthony Recker (20).


Gordon Beckham (7), Chase d’Anaud (23), Freddie Freeman (5), Adonis Garcia (13), Jace Peterson (8), Brandon Snyder (19) and Dansby Swanson (2).


The outfielders that form the current Braves team members are Ender Inciarte (11), Matt Kemp (27) and Nick Markakis (22).

Inactive current Atlanta Braves team roster


Wilfredo Boscan, Brando Cunniff (39), Jason Hursh (67), Tyrell Jenkins (61), Arodys Vizcaino (38), Rob Whalen (63) and Madison Younginer (54).


Daniel Castro (14) and Kyle Kubitza.

60 day disabled list

Jesse Biddle, Andrew Mckirahan, Eric O’Flaherty, William Perez, Paco Rodriguez, Mallex Smith and Daniel Winkler.

Current Atlanta Braves technical bench

The Atlanta Braves professional baseball team is currently led by Brian Snitker as its interim manager. Snitker is assisted by a number of coaches. This includes Alan Butts who specializes in training bullpen catchers. Buddy Carlyle who serves as the coaching assistant. Jose Castro, who is the assistant hitting coach. Roger McDowell, who is the pitching coach. Terry Pendleton, deals with the bench. Eddie Perez, who serves as the 1st base coach. Bo Porter, who is the 3rd base coach. Marty Reed, who specializes in bullpen training. Kevin Seitzer, who serves as the hitting coach. Finally, Jose Yepez works hand in hand with Alan Butts as the bullpen catchers coach for the Atlanta Braves professional baseball team.

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History of the Atlanta Braves

History of the Atlanta Braves

Turner Field in Atlanta GA is the home field of baseball team Atlanta Braves, a superior team at many levels of the game. The stadium came up in 1996 as part of the development that underwent for the Olympic Games that year. College Baseball is also part of the events held at the venue today, and its regular renovations have managed to keep it up with the most advanced ball parks in the United States. Major League Baseball finds perfect abode at the Turner Field, offering fans and players a Mecca standard arena.

Ted Turner is the person after whom this stadium is named. The gentleman’s legacy extends beyond excellent media business to a level that puts him on the position of a mogul. Hank Aaron a major league baseball player was in contention for lending his name to the stadium, which however did not happen. The Hank Aaron choice appeared in Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a local media circulation before the opening ceremony in 1996.

For visitors to the stadium a match will be the best entertainment option, but a museum, and afternoons at Turner Field make for a healthful of fun at the Atlanta Braves home stadium. The stadium is actually located on Hank Aaron Street which may have been a reason for Turner to get the benefit of doubt. Turner Field is a great place for autograph collection. You can send them your memorabilia for celebrity ball players to sign on them.

As a matter of courtesy, the authorities ask you to limit 2 items per deposit. The museum is great fro Atlanta Braves fans as it houses 500 artifacts related to their rich history and achievements. This stadium also made it to the record books with one of the largest hi-definition quality video board which was installed in 2005. The cost of this was well over $10 million.

Be aware that in 1936 after a fan poll, the Braves’ name was changed to the Bees and their ballpark became the Beehive. In 1941 the team was renamed the Braves. Their final game in Boston was played in 1952. The Braves began their first season in Milwaukee in 1953 at Milwaukee County Stadium. In 1957 the Braves won the World Series for a second time.

The Braves moved to Atlanta in 1966. During the 70s baseball great Hank Aaron reached a number of hitting milestones with the Braves. After struggling through the 80s, the Braves became known as the “Team of the 90s”, the most successful Major League team of the decade. They won an unprecedented eight Division Titles, five NLCS titles, and appeared in five World Series, winning again in 1995. The Braves moved into their new facilities at Turner Field in 1997. The Braves continued to win Division Titles in the early years of this decade, but have since dealt with significant injuries to key players and rebuilding seasons. The current year promises to be a better one for the Braves though, as they currently lead the Phillies in the National League East. Atlanta fans are anticipating an exciting countdown to the postseason, as the regular season nears its end. Braves fans are more than ready for another World Series Title.


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